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I.V. Cannula
I.V. Cannula

Product name: I.V. Catheter
Item no.: WL-4080

Product Description

1. Types: Pen-like model, butterfly model with wings, injection valve model, with Heparin injection, with Y injection
2. 14g, 16g, 18g, 20g, 22g and 24g available
3. Back cut needle bevel for easier, less traumatic insertion
4. Thin wall PTFE catheter with 3 or more embedded X-ray contrast lines provides high flow rate
5. Flexible and kink resistant catheter is double tapered with a rounded tip for smooth introduction and    minimal discomfort to the patient.
6. Flexible wings provide easy and secure fixation and also prevent skin contact with Luer lock connector
7. Hydrophobic blood stopper
8. Color coded